State Auditor Say Sheriff Scott Jones is Breaking Law by Releasing Findings of Audit Regarding Concealed Carry Permits

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones is going against orders from the state auditor to stop discussing the findings of a months-long review of concealed carry gun permits.

The State Auditor's Office is taking on the Sacramento County sheriff, who said the auditor threatening to arrest him for releasing to the public on Monday, the findings of a four-month audit regarding the issuance of permits to carry a concealed firearm. Jones says it is one of a handful of threats to arrest him if he released any information on the audit.

"Being an attorney, I looked up the statutes and said, 'this does not apply to me,'" Jones said.

In the end, the state audit found no wrongdoing by the sheriff's department on how it issues the permits.

"I like being transparent. So the more information I can get out there, the better," Jones said.

So Jones responded to the audit's findings, which essentially stated that no permits issued violated the law.

But the auditor's office said Jones violated state statutes by releasing the information.

The auditor's office is scheduled to release its findings on Thursday.

"Within minutes, they called out county counsel and said I need to take it off our social media ... immediately or it's a misdemeanor, and I was subject to arrest," Jones said.

But county counsel agreed with Jones that he didn't do anything wrong.

"As far as you know, there's no warrant for you right now?" FOX40 asked Jones

"I don't know. Maybe I should go into hiding," Jones said, laughing.

Late Tuesday, FOX40 received a letter from the auditor to Jones, in which the auditor called Jones' comments "egregious" and "disappointing."

"I don't like bullies, more importantly, I don't like attorneys who are bullies that use their power instead of helping people, try to coerce them," Jones said.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty had authored two bills, making it more difficult to obtain CCW permits statewide.

The bills didn't pass.

McCarty then initiated the state's legislative audit function to examine how the process for obtaining a CCW worked.

McCarty's office told FOX40, they weren't going to comment on this story until after the findings of the audit were released on Thursday morning.

"They made some suggestions that were frankly good suggestions, that were actually modified or have modified our practices to accommodate. But the real meat of it was very favorable to us," Jones said.