Lincoln Nonprofit’s Laptop Containing Vital Information Stolen in Car Break-In

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LINCOLN -- A Lincoln charity is desperate for help after their laptop was stolen from a Natomas restaurant parking lot.

Maria & Joseph's Ministry to the Poor sends vitamins to the Philippines, but the president of the charity, Klint Robins, says without his computer those pills will not get to the people who need them.

Robins says many children do not get the essential vitamins they need in Southeast Asia, especially in the area where Typhoon Yolanda hit.

"The children aren't starving because you can have rice, you have salt, you have a little bit of vegetables," Robins said. "But it's not the right kind of foods."

The addresses where boxes of vitamins need to be sent are now gone.

"It's just heartbreaking," Robins said. "I'm ready to break down just thinking about it."

Robins was having lunch with friends at the Black Bear Diner near Interstate 80 and West El Camino Avenue. When he got to his car to leave his window had been smashed, his laptop bag stolen.

"But all my information is on my computer, everything I've ever worked on for them and for everyone else, and it's frustrating. It's just so frustrating," Robins said.

A photograph of the alleged suspect's car was taken from surveillance video from the neighboring self storage building.

"You can see him break the window, reach into the car, grab the bag, put it in his car and took off," Robins said.

Robins has insurance and will get the money back, but the files on his computer could take years to replace. There was no backup and he and his wife have been collecting addresses of the needy in the Philippines since 2009.

"It's the kids who are losing out," Robins said. "It's the mothers who are losing out, and me, I got to work another 10 years just to get all this data back again."

He hopes the thieves somehow hear his story and return the computer. If that happens, he says there will be no questions asked.

"Give me back my stuff," he said. "Just give me back my computer my hard drives. I can even give a reward out for getting my stuff back, because it's so important to us for the kids."

FOX40 asked the owner of the restaurant and storage facility for a copy of the surveillance video, but they wanted to give it to detectives first. Robins is also tracking down photographs of the thieves from other businesses where they used his stolen credit card. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident.

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