Recent TSA Rules Could Hamper Holiday Travel

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SACRAMENTO -- We're all used to having to go through TSA checkpoints when flying.

Your shoes go in one bin, your laptop goes in another, other electronics like e-readers go in another.

And now, as the holiday travel rush looms, passengers can expect more changes.

"The liquid gels and aerosols now need to be put in their own bin," TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers said.

Dankers says officials around the world say some have tried to conceal dangerous materials inside tablets and travel-sized liquid bottles.

"We have not seen that here in the United States, but it's our goal not to have that happen in the United States and to make sure none of those methods are in place here," Dankers said.

As an added layer of safety, the TSA is now requiring small containers - less than 3.4 ounces - to be removed and put in a separate bin during screening.

Just like your shoes, laptop and other electronics.

Because it's the holiday season and many people are traveling with gifts, the TSA recommends either checking the gift, leaving it unwrapped or have it in an easy to unpack gift bag.

Some travelers FOX40 spoke with on Friday weren't on board with the changes.

"That's kind of ridiculous," passenger Jose Cardoso said after learning he would need to take his cologne out of his bag.

Others did not seem as bothered.

"I mean it takes 30 seconds to take something out of your bag and put it back in," traveler Nicole Vito said.

Either way, the TSA says you can avoid the hassle by signing up for TSA Pre-Check.

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