Red Flag Warning Stokes Mid-December Fire Concerns

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SACRAMENTO -- Dry and windy conditions, even this late in the year, are causing serious fire concerns across the state.

As communities in Southern California deal with one of the largest wildfires in state history, and as some Northern California communities begin picking up the pieces from similar fires in October, these conditions are causing major concern.

Cal Fire officials warned the next massive blaze could start with just one spark.

"All it does take, honestly, is a spark this year," Cal Fire spokesperson Scott McClean said. "One spark, and off we go."

Cal Fire is putting crews on standby.

The warning takes effect Friday night and lasts until Sunday morning. It covers a big chunk of the state from north of Redding down to San Diego. Cal Fire says the weekend's conditions won't be as severe as what led to October's fires, but the concern remains.

Winds calmed late in the week, offering firefighters an opportunity to gain ground on the massive and destructive fires in Southern California. But those winds are expected to pick back up.

Mark Landberg had the weather on his mind Friday as he picked through the wreckage of his Loma Rica home.

He was shocked by how fast the Cascade Fire spread, driven by intense winds.

"Stupid fast," he said.

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