Atlanta Airport Power Outage Has Far-Reaching Effects

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SACRAMENTO -- Atlanta International Airport's power outage is slowing the roll of Sacramento travelers.

"Every hour it just kept increasing and increasing until they finally told us that it would be six hours," said traveler Jocelyn Crowell.

A check of the arrival/departure board shows that it is Delta Air Lines servicing Atlanta out of Sacramento International that were impacted -- some flights with massive delays, others outright canceled, leaving some holiday travelers stranded.

"You know, it is what it is. It just keeps me out of the stores finishing my shopping," said traveler Jo Loughnane.

Delta was able to get Loughnane another flight on another airline.

"So, I'm going to New Jersey tonight," she said.

After a layover there, another flight, and an unexpected car rental, she expects to be home sometime tomorrow.

For Crowell, it's even more complicated.

"They booked me a flight for 6:30 tomorrow, but in the process of getting my bag back she said, 'actually, that flights been canceled too,'" she said. "I think we should all be compensated in some way."

Crowell did eventually get booked on a flight home Monday, but she'll have to drive to San Francisco Airport to get it.