Veteran Auburn City Firefighter Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

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AUBURN -- If it seems like all the firefighters for Auburn City Fire are sporting the same haircut these days, there's a good reason for that. They're doing it for Trent Lindholdt.

Lindholdt, a 27-year veteran firefighter with Auburn finds himself this season locked in a fight of another kind, but one every bit as serious as what he faces on the job. He's been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

"Its heartbreaking. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I think it's affected every man and woman that works for the Auburn Fire Department. It's affected all the employees that work for the city of Auburn," Auburn City Fire Division Chief Tom Carlisle said.

Lindholt isn't just a firefighter -- he's a father and a fiancé, in the process of adopting the daughter of his wife to be. All of them will now go through aggressive cancer treatments with him-- along with his firefighting family.

Those in his department say he's like a family member -- like a brother. And they have come together to help each other get through the tough times.

Trent is the engineer here at Auburn City Fire Station Number 2. That means he's the guy who drives the truck. He's also the guy who makes certain the water is flowing when there is fire to fight.

His teammates say they know they can count on Trent in a dangerous moment, even as they know the fires themselves aren't the only source of that danger -- but also the smoke and carcinogens they can create.

"Handywipes in all the rigs so that when we come out of a fire you wipe your hands off and face off so you take a cold drink of water and you're not putting that stuff into your system," Carlisle said.

The City of Auburn provides its firefighters with two sets of gear so they can wash one off in between fire calls. For the time being, both sets in this locker will hang unused as they wait the return of Station No. 2's engineer.

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