West Sacramento Father of Five Killed in Motorcycle Accident

“Tim was taken away earlier than expected. He was on his way to work.”

Tim Arias rode Interstate 80 westbound five days a week -- 60 miles from West Sacramento to Martinez. He rode it on his motorcycle.

"He didn’t realize what the winds were Saturday," said Cecilia Dennis, Tim's sister.

Winds were gusting near 50 miles per hour Saturday when 49-year-old Tim Arias lost control. Witnesses told the CHP he was going around 70 mph. CHP tells FOX40 that was too fast for the weather.

"He got pushed into the rail and God called him home," Cecilia said.

Dennis can't believe her big brother was killed in the crash on the same commute he made for 18 years to give his family a home where they could afford one.

"He's a hard-workin' man. He just wanted to give them a good life," she said.

Cecilia says he did.

He gave his wife, Emma, and their five kids all he had. Every moment outside of work. Every ounce of his heart.

"I'm so proud of him ... and I hope he can hear me," she said.

Arias also made time for his community. He was a drummer at Southport Church where he taught classes. He was also a union steward.

"Another passion of his, protecting people, standing up for what was right," Cecilia said.

Most recently, he made things right for his wife. The family agreed not to buy gifts this Christmas so she could afford a trip to the UK to bury her father. She was grieving from that tragedy when Tim died.

He was the sole provider for the stay-at-home mom and their children.

"A lot’s gonna ride on what people can give from their heart, and figuring out the rest as we go,” Cecilia said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family.

The funeral service for Arias will be held Wednesday starting at 1 p.m. at Southport Church in West Sacramento. He will be buried at 3 p.m. at Davis Cemetery then a wake will be held at Southport Church starting at 5 p.m. A page has been set up for those interested in volunteering during the services and flowers can be purchased through What the Flowers or you can call Victoria Rule at 916-261-1591.