29 Arrests Made, 211 Guns Seized in Crackdown on Gang Violence

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SACRAMENTO -- It was a hot Sunday afternoon in August when shots rang out from gang members at Meadowview Park, hitting five people and killing an 11-year-old girl's father.

The shooting galvanized Sacramento police and sheriff's deputies, along with federal agents, into action, teaming up for the next several months to hit back hard at gangs. Two hundred officers from 13 agencies made 29 felony arrests and seized 211 firearms.

"Two hundred and eleven guns and 29 people arrested is a significant dent," said Sacramento Police Chief Dan Hahn.

It was a significant hit into gang activities throughout the region.

"Gangs are involved in everything," Hahn said. "So, from sex trafficking, to drugs, to violence. So, anytime you impact the gang you're impacting all of the above."

Many of the guns seized during the months-long specialized enforcement were modified illegally to make them automatic weapons.

"Those weapons of destruction, and many of the people who were using them, are off the streets," said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Hahn says the first phase of this specialized enforcement ended last week. But will it continue and is there assurance the streets stay quieter from gang violence?

So far, there's been 38 homicides this year, compared to 40 in all of last year. Police say gang homicides were on the rise.

"This can't be the end because gangs are always recruiting," Hahn said. "So, we have to have those prevention, and intervention and enforcement all working."

"To think that now we're packing up our trunk and putting our resources back to other things, that's just not the case," said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. "We have the same number of resources ongoing on these operations."