Neighbors: SWAT Team Raids Pot Operation in Elk Grove Homes

ELK GROVE -- A door-size piece of plywood and neon city notices were found in one Elk Grove neighborhood Wednesday morning, leaving those who live nearby frightened and frustrated.

Danika Cunningham lives right across the street from one raided home and faces another.

"It's a little frightening, yes it is, so we're definitely gonna be putting in cameras and keeping a watch on the neighborhood," Cunningham said. "The police have definitely said that we need to be careful."

The operation at homes on Blackberry and Coral Berry ways were shut down after the city's SWAT team came out.

Cunningham captured the start of the raids on her cellphone as officers shouted over a loudspeaker.

"Elk Grove Police Department search warrant. We demand entry. Come out with your hands up," the SWAT team is heard saying in the recording.

While officers will not comment about what was happening in the area or who was arrested, paperwork posted at the homes tells the story. They order occupants to cease commercial marijuana cultivation.

"It woke me up at like 8:30 because there was like a siren going off," said neighbor Julia Storey.

Storey was home alone when one raid started right next door.

"They broke down the door," she said. "I could hear all of it. I was kind of watching from this window too. They had like dogs and everything."

Just one week ago Elk Grove police made seven cultivation arrests at grows within a 10-mile radius from Wednesday's busts. They uprooted 1,600 plants and stopped 95 pounds of processed pot from hitting the streets.

Neighbors who watched the raids Wednesday say they hadn't spotted any unusual comings and goings from the now declared grow houses, but there were some clues something wasn't quite right.

"I had noticed they had taken like the electrical panel off the side of the wall and replaced it with something else, which kind of made me wonder a little bit," said Bill Storey.

In fact, notices posted next door to Bill Storey indicated power was not coming to the raided house legally and needed to be lawfully restored, a common issue with grow houses.

With the homes now empty, labeled unsafe for occupation, FOX40 reached out to the registered owner of a van parked at one for some explanation but got no response.

As far as those still at home in the Foxberry Glen subdivision?

"We're definitely talking to our neighbors about making sure that we're all watching," Cunningham said.