Thousands of Dollars Worth of Tools Stolen from Merced County Castle

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DENAIR -- A castle near Denair has been broken into and tools worth thousands of dollars were stolen.

Kasteel Noz is the 26 year long project for Casper Noz of Denair.

"Planning to work everyday on the castle, if I don’t have to fix all the stuff the criminals have broken on the castle," Noz said.

Now he and his wife Diane must deal with unexpected heartache.

"Theft is terrible," Diane Noz said. "I just wish there was something more that, you know, we could do."

The Nozs say burglars broke into their shop and stole thousands of dollars worth of tools and other equipment.

The castle started out as a dream for Casper Noz, a way of bringing his native Europe into his adopted home.

"And a guy like me, you only have so many good years in your life," Casper Noz said. "So, you should not be distracted in rebuilding something you should not even have to worry about."

It's been used for weddings, field trips and other special events.

It also housed their son's belongings. Josh Noz was a member of the Coast Guard, serving in Hawaii when he died in a motorcycle accident.

"It was very sudden and it was in 2016 on Easter Sunday," his mother said.

Some of the stuff the burglars took belonged to their beloved son, including a car engine.

"He liked vehicles and I have quite a few old cars, so we would just fix them," Casper Noz said.

The Nozs are trying their best to cope with the setback. They say the support they have received from the community has helped.

"I want to thank everybody who responded on Facebook, to all their nice comments and everyone who is praying for us," Diane Noz said.

The couple says they have filed a report with the Merced County Sheriff's Department. Some of the items that were stolen have the Noz name on them. If you have any information about the burglary, please contact the sheriff's department.