Citrus Heist: Homeowners Say Fruit Stolen from Trees in their Yards

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Citrus Heist?

Homeowners in Orangevale and Citrus Heights say someone entered their backyard gates and stole the fruit from their trees. After they shared their stories on social media, other neighbors are describing similar scenarios.

Darlene Edwards-Knutson tells FOX40, she went to pick oranges from the tree in her Orangevale backyard week when she noticed about half her crop was gone. She says the oranges disappeared prior to last weekend’s strong winds. Additionally she says squirrels are typically only responsible for a few missing or damaged oranges. Therefore, she believes a human is responsible for her missing fruit.

It wouldn't be the first time, according to Knutson’s neighbor.

The woman didn’t want to be interviewed, but tells FOX40 in 2016 someone came into her backyard and stripped the fruit from her orange tree. They also took every piece of fruit from her persimmon tree according to the homeowner. Eight minutes away in Citrus Heights, another backyard persimmon tree was stripped in the last two weeks.  Mary Surma Mills tells FOX40 someone entered her yard and took even the fruit in the highest branches.

Due to the quantity of fruit reportedly taken, the victims believe someone is stealing the fruit to sell.

Edwards-Knutson tells FOX40 she reported the theft to authorities, however, some we spoke with told us they had not reported the theft to police. Citrus Heights police advise people to at least file online reports so authorities can have a record of the incidents.

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