Fairfield Family Hit by Two Different Thieves Twice in Same Week

FAIRFIELD -- First, a pricey package went missing from the porch.

“Hmm, My husband’s Christmas present,” said Kirsty Burkhart.

Then projector lights disappeared from the driveway.

"Really, again?” she said.

Two different people stealing from the same Fairfield family in one week -- both were caught on camera. One deliberately covered his face. The other came bearing a bizarre gift.

"She walked up with a half eaten burrito, in a box, and that's what she decided to leave on my porch. Instead of a gift. Yeah, so she replaced 'em," she said.

Kirsty Burkhart was disgusted.

"It was from 7-Eleven. Like, I was offended. Like, at least leave me a good burrito," she said, laughing.

But she bagged that bad boy up anyway.

"I saved it in a ziplock for a couple of days like, I got DNA, but you know," she said.

There's not much police can do with greasy burritos and grainy surveillance video, but lots of people can chime in when that video is posted to Facebook.

And Batman, was later recorded running away from the home with an Amazon box.

A few people have already reported possible names to police.

"People are asking us like, 'Do you guys have enemies?' We’re like no, we’re like really nice people,” Kirsty said.

Just ask this smiley little guy. Or these two well-behaved dogs.

"You didn’t ruin our Christmas, if that was the goal,” she said.

But you did make them a little more paranoid.

"So now I have to figure out how to keep Mickey and Minnie there cause I’m scared. I don’t know what to do, lock them down,” she said.