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Republic FC Fans Frustrated, Optimistic in MLS Suspense

SACRAMENTO -- If Sacramento Republic FC's bid to become part of Major League Soccer is missing something, it definitely isn't enthusiastic fans.

"We were all there in a big force and it just built our unity even more and showed MLS the support we do have," Republic FC fan Jane Walker said.

Walker was one of the fans who traveled to New York for the sales-pitch, fans who wanted to support Sacramento's would-be MLS owners in front of the board of governors who want the league to know they mean business.

They're also fans who are now feeling left out by the business of soccer.

"There's definitely frustration in the fan base," Walker said.

Thursday, the morning after awarding Nashville one of two open expansion slots, MLS announced the next expansion city wouldn't be announced until after the new year.

"Unfortunately this all comes down to a decision by a couple billionaires in New York that we can't help out with that much," fan Don Gibson said.

There was a sense that Major League Soccer owners were over Sacramento, especially since city and Republic FC officials say there is a "gap" their financial bid.

"I still am optimistic. Until there's a no, why not be optimistic?" fan Matteo Cascio said.

Cascio isn't the only one seeing the glass as half full.

"MLS seems to want us," Walker said. "Otherwise, why would they even bother to let us keep trying."

Either way, MLS or not, each fan FOX40 spoke with on Thursday say they'll still be fans.