Family’s Box of Mementos Returned Thanks to Roseville Police and the Internet

ROSEVILLE -- Hours before Christmas and Connie Hall already has her present, all thanks to the Roseville Police Department and the internet.

"There will not be a better Christmas present, this is awesome," she said.

Earlier this month FOX40 brought you the story of the mystery box. Inside were correspondence letters, pictures and postcards dating back from the 1920s to the 1970s. Police found the box at a homeless encampment and were desperate to find the owner.

Many of the letters were sent from a Jimmy Johnson, Hall's great uncle.

So how did they go from Hall's possession to a homeless campsite? Hall says it started when she was cleaning out her garage.

"This ended up in the trash and after I put everything back in the garage I didn't realize this was missing," Hall said.

She believes a homeless person may have found it in the trash and left it at the homeless site. Fortunately, it was all returned this past Friday.

Hall's great uncle Jimmy and her great aunt Hilda were both in the military. One of Johnson's letters to family came just days after the Pearl Harbor bombing while he was stationed on the island.

After the recent media coverage with police, word started to spread and Hall eventually got a call from her mother with the surprising news.

"'Our family pictures are with the Roseville PD,' and I went, 'What? OK,'" Hall said.

Sunday night the once mystery box was back with its owner.

Hall says the whole ordeal has brought her family even closer.

"And you know what's neat is that I got to connect with some old family members that I haven't connected with on Facebook," she said.