Dispensaries Welcome Recreational Users on Legal Pot’s First Day

A day to celebrate as the first dozen recreational marijuana outlets opened for business.

It was touch and go for retailers, all of whom dispensed medical marijuana before and will continue to do so.

"There have been a lot of deadlines, a lot of late nights. We only got our state permit at 7 p.m. last night. so this was the very last minute for us," Paul Clemons, Capital Compliance, told FOX40.

Just in time for Michael Lynch to buy some pot as a house warming gift.

"It feels real good, Lynch said. "It's about time."

The concerns over the social, criminal and medical risks with legalized pot are not issues among the converted. Some say "moderation" is the watchword.

"I personally just like it at night, I'm not going to do anything stupid with it, people should be smart and just smoke it at home," Lynch said.

At River City Phoenix, pot "budtenders" were shoulder to shoulder with customers. Once you got through the line outside, there were two more waiting areas.

Once new customers learn they can preorder online, lines are expected to shorten or even disappear.

Supply and demand took hold on Monday. A gram of pot that was $17 last week was $20 on New Year's Day.

Managers at River City Phoenix hope to keep prices down for patients.

"Provide a place where people can access their medicine so they're not having to go and try to find those private vendors outside and do something that is technically illegal," RCP Regional Manager Shayna Schonauer said.

List of Sacramento dispensaries approved to sell recreationally.

Horizon Nonprofit Collective
3600 Power Inn Rd, #A1

Alternative Medical Center
1220 Blumenfeld Drive

Golden Health & Wellness
1115 Fee Drive

Valley Health Options Collective, Inc
1421 Auburn Boulevard

Sacramento Community Cannabis Collective
2831 Fruitridge Road

River City Phoenix
1508 El Camino Avenue

Migliore, LLC
2100 29th Street

California Naturopathic Agriculture Association #7
8112 Alpine Avenue

Northstar Holistic Collective
1236 C Street

All About Wellness
1900 19th Street

A Therapeutic Alternative Inc.
3015 H Street