Co-Workers Shocked After Father Takes the Lives of his Daughters

WEST SACRAMENTO -- "It breaks my heart. They didn't deserve this at all -- at all."

Connie Moyer used to babysit Sophie and Sara Rouin.

"They were so precious, so cute. Sophie already had her life planned out for her. She was 12 years old," Moyer said.

She planned to go to college. And Sara...

"Sara, she always dressed like a little ballerina," Moyer said.

But those life plans were abruptly cut short.

West Sacramento police say their dad ended their lives, then ended his own.

"It's so heartbreaking and shocking. I trusted him with my daughters. Never for a second wondered..." said Shawna Stanfill with Roman Private Investigations.

Stanfill worked with suspect Hamdy Rouin.

She shared video of happier times, just two weeks ago, when Rouin won a hot wings eating contest.

"Never in a million years I thought he would harm his babies," she said.

But co-workers and friends say Rouin and his ex-wife had problems.

He was scheduled to appear in Yolo County Superiror Court on Tuesday for violating a restraining order, for texting his ex.

"He felt that he was going to lose custody," said Frank Roman with Roman Private Investigations.

They say there were no red flags to indicate Rouin had cracked.

But signs he left, which they discovered after their deaths, tell them a lot.

"He had pinned the picture and the Christmas card right here," Roman

Along with a mini Koran.

"You can see his office is completely clean," he said. "This was a planned situation. He knew he wasn't coming back."

And a recent change to his profile picture, may also hold some clues.

It  shows the word "talk" crossed out and "ACT" in bold red letters.

But his friends described a man who loved life and lived for his girls.

"I knew how much he loved those girls," Roman said. " And this is unfortunate. Yes, these girls should be here today. Yes, he was wrong in how they died."

"I think he just became so overwhelmed with fear that he was going to lose these girls, he felt that that was the out," he added.