$9,000 Worth of Equipment Stolen from Roseville Business

ROSEVILLE -- What happens inside one warehouse in Roseville can transform people's lives.

"Anybody calls us and says 'Hey I hear you do headshots.' Yeah come on in," said Brian Barnes, whose business was broken into.

Survivors of domestic violence, the homeless, small business owners -- Barnes says he's willing to take pictures or create videos to help anyone in need for free.

"I do it as a giving back to my community," Barnes said.

So why would someone take from this media center? That's a question stumping Barnes.

He says some time between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve his business on Vernon Street was broken into.

The thief got away with $9,000 worth of equipment Barnes uses to help others.

"They violated everybody, everything that was booked has stopped," he said.

The worst part is this isn't the first time. Barnes says it was around the same time last year someone smashed the same window and stole $30,000 worth of equipment.

The Roseville Police Department doesn't have leads on either case.

Barnes says he doesn't care who did it -- he just wants back what belongs to him.

"If you need money that bad I would've gave it to you, honestly, it's just frustrating," Barnes said.

While he figures out how to replace everything that was taken, he has a simple message:

"Don't take other people's stuff," he said.