Family Asking for Help Finding Hit-and-Run Driver After 12-Year-Old Injured

SACRAMENTO -- Young Bruce Sanders Jr. learned something about himself.

"I thought, 'OK, I'm Superman. I just flew," he said.

A superhero? Maybe. One tough 12-year-old? Absolutely.

Bruce says he was with his younger brothers and some other kids walking home from the library Tuesday when he entered the crosswalk at Marconi and Fulton avenues.

"I was in the crosswalk, and it said I can go, so I went and the car just .... I flew!" he said.

Bruce Sanders Sr. got the call about what happened and ran down the street.

"I was going through traffic, I was trying everything to get to my son," he said.

Over the phone, Sanders learned his son was out cold. So he braced himself for that visual. But what caught him off guard and infuriated him was what he didn't see after sprinting to his child's side.

"Not to see the driver there was really my concern, because when I got there, I was like, 'Who hit him?' He took off!" he said.

Now, sporting a neck brace and an arm sling, Bruce Jr. suffered multiple injuries but is expected to make a full recovery. The youngster and his family now want anyone else who may have seen the hit-and-run to come forward.

"If the public or anyone saw what happened yesterday, please say something," Bruce Sr. said.

"I just ... hope he doesn't do it to any other child," Bruce Jr. said.

CHP is investigating the hit-and-run. They say all they have to go on at the moment is that the driver was in a green-colored sedan.