Dogs Captured After Fatally Attacking Stanislaus County Woman

STANISLAUS COUNTY -- A vicious and deadly dog attack is highlighting what Stanislaus Animal Services says is a cyclical problem. The executive director says there are way too many stray dogs in the Crows Landing Road neighborhood, where just days ago, a woman was mauled to death.

The dangerous dogs have been found and are now being held at the shelter. After 72 hours they will be euthanized. The woman they killed is being remembered by friends.

Deborah Onsurez was a fixture on Crows Landing Road, and to honor her memory, a bouquet of flowers was left at the site where she was killed.

Neighbors who knew her say she was a unique woman.

"Asked her, kidding with her, I said, 'Debbie, would you marry me?'" said friend Dale Young.

Young says he was heartbroken to find out that Onsurez was killed by a pack of dogs Thursday.

“Didn’t bother nobody, you know. People got aggravated with her because she would pick flowers during the spring time when the flowers were growing,” Young said.

He says she was always accompanied by a tiny companion -- a little chihuahua that never left her side.

“That might be another reason that why she got attacked, they might have been after her little dog,” Young said.

He said that stray dogs are a huge issue in the area.

It's a problem, Annette Patton, the executive director of Stanislaus Animals services says, is ongoing.

"We can swoop up literally 30 dogs in a half day’s work and bring them to the shelter, and unfortunately that community will have 30 more dogs populated again the next day,” Patton said.

Patton says the dogs that killed Onsurez have been captured.

They're now on a 72 hour hold and will be euthanized.

Patton says officers also found a litter of puppies she believes are related to the killer dogs.

“These little guys right here are clearly very innocent, so we want to focus on them,” she said.

She stresses the puppies have not attacked anyone and are highly adoptable.

Patton adds the owner has not claimed the dogs, even if the owner steps up, the dogs will be euthanized.