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Iranian-Americans Gather in Carmichael to Discuss Crisis in Iran

CARMICHAEL -- Dozens of Iranian-Americans gathered privately in Carmichael on Thursday to talk about the crisis in their homeland.

Since December 28th, people have been taking to their streets to demonstrate about economic problems and basic human rights denied since the last uprisings 39 years ago.

Twenty-one people have been killed.

Many in Carmichael  praised the Trump administration's support of the people against what they see as a corrupt government.

There are many opinions about what can be done from so far away.

One area of concern is how the dictatorship is restricting communication.

"If the U.S. or other countries can provide some support in that department... satellite coverage, some other assistance so they can communication with each other," said Taghi Alereza.

"The most important thing for us is to support those people...is to be the voice for them. Whatever they said in the street.. we can....as a secondary voice say the same thing," emphasized newspaper publisher Hossein Mirmobiny.

Mirmobiny and others will hold a protest in Carmichael on Saturday at noon, to make a public show of their support for those protesting in Iran.