Video Shows Apparent Teen Throw Christmas Tree Through Lodi Home’s Front Door

LODI -- An apparent teen playing discus with a Christmas tree woke up a Lodi family late Friday night.

Molly Birt was fast asleep inside her home on Rutledge Drive when it happened, but her surveillance camera recorded what looked like some sort of lumberjack Olympic event.

"I was sleeping, my son is playing video games and the next thing you know I'm being woken up by this loud noise," Birt said.

The noise came when the Christmas tree an alleged teenager was swinging around landed inside Birt's metal weather door.

"And when he opened the front door he notices there's a Christmas tree going through our storm door," Birt said. "It went through here and it was stuck here, the butt end of it."

But that was not the last Birt and her son heard from the person and the driver of their white getaway car.

"They did it, they left," Birt said. "And they had the nerve to come back around, because I guess we didn't wake up quick enough for them, and start yelling 'Hey, wake up, wake up.'"

Birt called the Lodi police. The responding officer told her she was not alone.

"He says other people have been getting calls regarding kids that are just going off the walls," Birt said.

The most frustrating part about the entire incident was the damage to the door. The small hole will cost hundreds of dollars to fix, and that money will need to come out of the family's pocket. That is why Birt hopes the parents of the culprit recognize him and make him help pay for the cost.

"I'm sure a mom will recognize her own child," Birt said. "You know this is a small community, and I do believe they're here from Lodi."