Crews Work to Clean Up Debris Following Storm

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SACRAMENTO -- Car after car hitting too-fast-for-conditions speeds on slick roads Tuesday.

It's something that wasn't even an option in many spots around Sacramento just 24 hours before as pooling water plugged plans for drivers to get anywhere fast.

Jonathan Murry was one of the lucky ones.

His neighborhood borders Interstate 5 between Sutterville and Seamas Avenue, and although the wooded landscape means there's huge potential for clogged drains...

"No, I didn't get stuck in any of that. Pretty much we got somebody who comes around and clears the drains for us all the time," said Murry.

With parts of surrounding roadways recently looking more like row-ways, some behind the wheel wonder why Caltrans wasn't out clearing the problem areas.

"That's been happening, two weeks ago," Caltrans spokesman Dennis Keaton said about maintenance patrols.

Now that the rain's hit, Caltrans crews are out vacuuming up the leaves and branches that could wash right into the way during the next storm.

But, initial preventive maintenance has been underway in the wee hours when most were only dreaming of their next commute.

Despite all that, Caltrans is asking for patience.

When so much falls so fast, even cleared drainage systems can get overwhelmed though maintenance workers are at the ready.

"Even with all of those patrols, Mother Nature sometimes is just a little bit stronger," said Keaton.

Caltrans can always use tips from the public to help crews get to trouble spots faster.

If you're in the Sacramento region and end up driving through high water on the highway, Keaton says get to a safe place, pull over and grab your phone.

Dial (530) 741-5474 and report the problem.

Make sure to make a cross street part of your report.

You can also file a report online at

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