Stolen Car Speeds Away after Crash Involving CHP Cruiser

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MODESTO -- Surveillance video from a Modesto home captured a recent crash involving a California Highway Patrol vehicle.

The crash happened Friday along Tuolumne Boulevard near Leon Avenue. Video shows a CHP cruiser crashes into a black Honda Civic turning onto Tuolumne.

The Civic had been reported stolen, investigators say.

In the video, the cruiser's lights do not appear to be on. Officials said the officer driving was heading to a call that did not require the cruiser's lights to be on.

The Civic spins out, turns around and speeds off.

Macario Guzman shared the clip from his home surveillance on Facebook. He heard the crash while working inside.

"Used to it, every time I hear a crash now I just run out there and just make sure no one’s hurt, just get a good witness of what happened," he told FOX40.

A representative with CHP Modesto says that officer was not hurt.

While there are painted and posted signs in the area urging drivers to slow down, Guzman says it's common to see people speed down the road. The posted speed limit in the area is 35 miles per hour, but is lowered to 25 miles per hour while school is in session.

"I think that the Highway Patrol might have been going a little bit fast but either way, you know what I mean, you gotta make sure it’s clear," Guzman said.

Guzman says he spoke with the officer involved with the crash shortly afterward.

"He had looked down at his screen for just a half a second and when he looked back up there was a car in front of him," he said.

The CHP says the Civic has still not been found. Anyone in the Modesto area that sees a black Honda Civic with significant damage to its rear driver's side is asked to contact the CHP.

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