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Effort Underway to Recall Stockton Mayor

STOCKTON -- A group gathered outside Stockton's City Hall on Wednesday, calling for a recall of Mayor Michael Tubbs.

The group may appear small, but organizers say they represent tens of thousands of neighbors who want Mayor Tubbs out of office.

“Come on stop playing with us, it’s time to give us our hope back," Dionne Smith-Downs said. "We want him to recall and we need it now.”

FOX40 reached out to Mayor Tubbs for comment. As of Wednesday afternoon, there was no response.

Tubbs has come under fire recently for spearheading the effort to bring a controversial program known as “Advance Peace” to the city. The program identifies the most violent people, pairs them up with mentors and sometimes offers a monthly stipend of $1,000.

This has not sat well with many who say Stockton already has programs in place.

“We have peacekeepers out there that are doing the job. We have hired new police officers they have been arresting people,” organizer Brenda Vazquez said.

Organizers are also upset about the mayor’s proposal to get rid of costly subsidies by doing away with the Swenson and Van Buskirk golf courses.

They also say he cuts people down when they speak during public comment sections of City Council meetings.

“We don’t want to hear what you have to say," organizer Tiffany Riccio said. "We want you to step up and physically do something or get out.”

With Stockton’s violent reputation with no seeming end in sight, they feel Tubbs is not the right leader.

“Look over my shoulder every place I go, wondering if somebody is going to pull a gun on me or my kids,” Riccio said.

Organizers say their next goal is to 16,000 signatures and raise more awareness on their Facebook page.

The group says they are also looking at recalling City Council members Jesus Andrade and Dan Wright.