New Year’s Resolutions with Pinterest’s 2018 Trends

Pinterest User Researcher Larkin Brown is chatting with Mae and Simone about certain trending posts on Pinterest.

Wellness – Gut Health: People are balancing their digestive system with gut-friendly food (saves for “gut health”  up 251%)

Fitness – Tai Chi and Yoga Wheel: Fitness and wellness gurus are trying tai chi for its potential to reduce stress and release pain (saves for “Tai Chi” up 189%) and yoga wheels, which stretch the front of the body and massage the spine (saves for “yoga wheel” up 72%)

Healthy Food and Drink – Diet-friendly “air frying:” air frying uses hot air instead of oil for tasty snacks (saves for “air fryer” up 1809%)

Beauty – Lashes: Lashes are the new brows (searches for “lashes” up 152%)