New Information Released about Missing Stockton Twins

STOCKTON -- Police in Stockton have released new information about missing, 1-year-old twins.

The twins' family was found inside a white 2002 Suzuki 4-door overlooking a slough in Stockton, investigators said, days after they were reported missing. Five people were found in the car, but the twins were still nowhere to be found.

Parents Aaron Weddles and Princess Dara Canez-Walker were arrested and booked into jail. A 4-year-old girl and a set of 2-year-old twins were put into protective custody.

Police said Weddles and Canez-Walker have not been cooperative as investigators search for twins Ren and Setina. Police said no photos were available of the missing boy and girl.

Investigators asked anyone who may have seen the Suzuki recently to contact police.

"We want to retrace their steps,” Police Chief Eric Jones said on Wednesday.

Citizens have picked up the search of Stockton's Pixley Slough.

"Just search. Just in case. I'm glad I didn't find anything. I don't want them to be out there either," said Michael Fritch of Stockton.

Police searched the area the night Walker and Weddles were arrested, but Ren and Setina were nowhere to be found.

They had been parked in their car, near Pixley Slough, which is a well-known homeless hangout.

"I've talked to three homeless camps and they're all looking also. They say they haven't seen any twins anywhere, even before they went missing," Fritch said.

"We're trying to remain optimistic. And we're hoping that toddlers are at a family member's house or maybe a family friend's house and those people just don't know that they are reported missing," said Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

Weddles and Walker both appeared in court Thursday on different charges.

Walker's former stepdaughter spoke with FOX40 over the phone from San Leandro on Thursday.

"This hurts. This hurts very much. I have never experienced anything like this," Patreona Walker said.

She said Canez-Walker used to be kind and loving, but the family lost touch with her about five years ago.

"Dealing with somebody who is on drugs is very, very hard," she said.

Now, Walker hopes her former stepmother does right by her children and cooperates with investigators.

"Can you please just tell them where they are? Ain't nobody gonna hurt them," Walker said. "We just wanna make sure that they are safe."