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STOCKTON -- Why in the world would a father chuckle and joke in court when he knows an entire city is concerned about the well-being of his missing 20-month-old twins? Why would their mother not say where they are, if they're OK?

“We’re hoping the toddlers are at a family member's house or a family friend's house,” said Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

Stockton police say when they asked 41-year-old Aaron Weddles where his babies were he said, "You're the ones getting paid. Do your job."

And so they've searched -- in the desolate fields near Pixley Slough, the area where the adults and their three other children were found in their car.

They've circulated pictures of the white Suzuki they had been living in, asking where people saw them last. And they're following up at In-N-Out, where a security guard did see them.

Early Saturday morning, two days after the family of seven was reported missing, Laura Salazar had a bizarre interaction with Princess Canez-Walker and Weddles.

“She was talking to us like she thought she was God,” Salazar said.

But Thursday night, detectives were no closer to finding their daughter Setina and their son Ren. They have not found photos of them, either.

Princess did post these photos of twins back in December 2015, but Stockton police later discovered these were the couple's other set of twins -- now 2-year-old girls. They were found in the Suzuki with their parents and another 4-year-old sister and taken into protective custody.

It's created a lot of confusion in the community.

But Thursday night, an acquaintance of the family spoke with FOX40 through Facebook. She said: "I remember her telling me she was five or six months pregnant with twins and already had another set of twins at home."

She says she saw the twins when they were just a couple of weeks old and then never saw them again.

She said the couple had drug problems and she thought Weddles was controlling Canez-Walker.

“They said they haven’t seen any twins anywhere.”

Strangers are joining the search for the twins at the slough where police found their parents.

FOX40 went looking Thursday night, too. That's where we found Aaron Weddles child support papers in the gutter on Trinity Parkway, along with a pile of losing scatchers and baby diapers.