‘I Want to Find Those Babies:’ Missing Twins’ Aunt Hunts for the Truth

 STOCKTON -- The sister of Princess Canez-Walker has opened up to share what she knows of her still missing 20-month-old niece and nephew.

While FOX40 has been attempting to talk to Canez-Walker about where her kids are, she has denied every request. Chasi Thammeuangkhounolder, her older sister, says she has been in the same boat as she has tried to get to the truth.

“My only concern now is to find those babies. I never knew about them,” Thammeuangkhounolder said.

Thammeungkhoun says she hasn't talked to her sister in years and never got a chance to meet her niece and nephew. In fact, she reported them missing to Child Protective Services two years ago.

Now that her sister is behind bars but her 20-month-old twins, Ren and Setina, are still missing, Thammeungkhoun wants her sister to share what she knows.

“I feel guilty, I feel hurt, I feel bad, like, not knowing what they’ve gone through or what they’ve been through," Thammeuangkhounolder said.

Thammeuangkhounolder says her younger sister was a loving, caring mother. Canez-Walker and Aaron Weddles met while she was living with their mother on Acapulco Way in Stockton.

“Now that she met this man she went downhill, this was never like her,” the older sister told FOX40.

Then life got even worse for her sister, according to Thammeuangkhounolder. Their mother died of breast cancer in 2013. She says her sister got deeper into drugs -- and deeper into trouble.

“It broke her. My mom was the only person she could count on,” she said.

She adds that Canez-Walker and Weddles would sometimes stay with a cousin and when they did the cousin said the kids looked scared and not cared for.

The Stockton Police Department reports Weddles and Canez-Walker were reported missing on Jan. 4. On Tuesday, the couple, along with three kids, were found living in a white SUV in Pixley Slough in Stockon.

FOX40 found child support papers along with other items that might have belonged to the family near the slough, but still no trace of their twins.

Meanwhile, the Stockton Police Department says they’re very concerned.

“We try to remain optimistic about this case," said Stockton Officer Joe Silva. "We now have to look into the possibility of suspected foul play.”

Even though she says she is hurt and worried, Thammeuangkhounolder says she will not stop fighting for her niece and nephew.

“These are my bloodline and I made a promise to my mom that I would help take care of them,” Thammeuangkhounolder said.

Thammeuangkhounolder says she has only heard a number of rumors, including the vicious rumor that Weddles shot the twins and buried them. Police say, even if you have heard of rumors like this, call them because it might lead to answers.

“I’m not giving up on her," Thammeuangkhounolder said. "I want to be there. I want to help her and I want to find those babies.”