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Weapons, Drugs Found in Car Where Family of Missing Twins Once Lived

STOCKTON — The Stockton Police Department released a series of photographs Sunday showing what they say were the “deplorable and dangerous” conditions in which the family of missing twins Setina and Ren used to live.

Six days after the family was reported missing, police located Aaron Weddles, Princess Canez-Walker and three of their children in a white 2002 Suzuki near Pixley Slough in Stockton. Apparently, the family had been living in the vehicle. The 20-month-old twins were nowhere to be found.

Photographs show a crowded car, piled high with items and garbage.

Police found several weapons, including pocket knives, an ax and a machete. Several bags of narcotics and drug paraphernalia were also located inside of the car where the parents once “forced their children to live,” the police department said.

Investigators believe mold was also growing in the car.

Since taking the twins’ “uncooperative” parents into custody at the San Joaquin County Jail, police report they have not been able to gather any information about the children’s whereabouts. In an exchange with investigators 41-year-old Weddles allegedly said, “You’re the ones getting paid. Do your job.”

The parents’ other set of 2-year-old twin girls and their 4-year-old daughter have been taken into protective custody.

A $10,000 reward is available for anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of the twins.