Crowd Marches on MLK Day after Reports of Racism Rattle Elk Grove Community

ELK GROVE -- Several people marched the streets of Old Town Elk Grove Monday afternoon, calling for an end to racism.

The march comes after a black businesswoman was the target of a racist letter and reports of racism came out of Pleasant Grove High School.

With singing and chants setting the pace dozens took to the streets of Elk Grove this Martin Luther King Jr. Day to march in solidarity.

“I love this city, we just need to fix it," said Sharie Wilson. "You know, it’s not everyone, but it’s a few people, and it’s not okay.”

Wilson owns Dream Girls Salon, a business she says has been the target of several racist attacks. In the past few months she has found a bag full of feces thrown at her door and, even more threatening, a letter filled with racial slurs demanding she “get out soon.”

“I was getting attacked," Wilson said. "The young girl from Pleasant Grove was getting attacked.”

That girl, 12th grader Rachael Francois, told FOX40 last week the use of a racist slur became common among others on her campus. The district admitted a noose was thrown into a classroom by a student.

Two girls making racist statements in a now viral video were also students at the high school. One of the girls has now been expelled.

Elk Grove Unified School District Superintendent Christopher Hoffman spoke at the march.

“You can’t hate when you see the humanity of another person,” he said to the crowd.

Wilson said what’s most frustrating is people are doubting her and Francios’ stories.

“People are saying this is fake news, it’s not happening," Wilson said. "Instead of people coming together and saying, 'How do we fix this,' they’re trying to figure out how to make myself and the other young girl, who came out and spoke, into a liar.”

Marchers said that behavior is happening in their area and it is not okay in Elk Grove or anywhere else.

Elk Grove police monitored the march, but there were no altercations.

Wilson says even if she knew who sent her that letter, she would not hate them.

“That was what Martin Luther King always said, 'You can’t fight hate with hate, you got to fight hate with love.'”

The Elk Grove Unified School District will be holding a meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. to address the racial issues. It will be held at Sheldon High School. A district spokesperson told FOX40 around 500 people have already RSVP'd.