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Parents Thank Good Samaritans Who Saved Daughter from Fiery Wreck

LINCOLN -- CHP officers told Jacklynn and Steven Marfill that it was the kind of accident people don't survive.

"He was surprised that she came out of it alive, and even that, she was able to walk out of the hospital. We're grateful," said Jacklynn Marfill, Cierra's mother.

It was early Tuesday morning when their 18-year-old daughter, Cierra, got onto Highway 65 in her grandparents' Chrysler 300, headed for Sutter Roseville, where she works in the ICU as a student nurse.

"She vaguely remembers entering the on-ramp onto the freeway... that was it. A brief glimpse of spinning," her father Steven Marfill said.

Rain-slickened roads caused Cierra to lose control of the car, causing two other vehilces to hit her.

That's when the parents say at least four motorist stopped to help Cierra, who was now unconscious.

Gas was all around them on the ground, which was catching on fire.

"So they had to keep running back and forth, trying to get her to come to, looking into the window. But they couldn't see anything but flames and smoke in the car," her mother said.

Cierra came to and was able to unlock the door for the good Samaritans, who then pulled her out of the car.

"Awesome to know that there's still good people willing to put their lives on the line to save our daughter," Steven Marfill said.

"Eternally grateful. They saved my daughter's life. It could've came out so much different. And because of them, and what they did for her .,.. I got to lay next to her last night," Jacklynn Marfill said.

Jacklynn has communicated with three of the four rescuers, who say they don't want any praise.

"They said that her being alive and knowing she was OK was enough for them," she said.