Stockton Police Release Photos of One Missing Twin

STOCKTON -- Police released two photos of one of the missing twin toddlers out of Stockton on Wednesday.

Two images of Setina Weddles were released. Police say a photo of her twin, Ren, is still not available. Police say since the two are twins, they do look similar, but they are still hoping to find a photo of Ren.

The photos released were taken in November 2016, according to police.

According to the Stockton Police Department, the Princess Canez-Walker, Aaron Weddles and their five children were reported missing on Jan. 4. The pair, along with three kids, were found living in squalor in a white SUV in Pixley Slough in Stockton last Tuesday. But there was no trace of the 20-month-old twins.

Photographs of the 2002 white Suzuki where the rest of the family were found show a crowded car, piled high with items and garbage.

Police found several weapons, including pocket knives, an ax and a machete inside the vehicle. Several bags of narcotics and drug paraphernalia were also located where the parents once “forced their children to live,” the police department said.