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Veteran Sets Up Memorial Along I-80 Between Vacaville, Fairfield

Since May, commuters along I-80 between Vacaville and Fairfield have seen two big American flags perched high on a hill.

But few know it's the handiwork of 70-year-old Marine veteran Mike Goble. He fashioned the poles from abandoned water pipes as a tribute to two high school friends from his hometown of Glendale, Arizona, who died in the war.

It's a strenuous climb up the 300-foot hill with the equipment to erect the 20 foot flagpoles, but Goble said it is worth the effort judging by the reaction he gets from the thousands of motorists who have seen them.

He said the flags at the beginning were less about patriotism than about honoring his high school buddies, but he knows they create a positive feeling for those who see them.

Goble likes to climb the hill before dawn to catch the sunrise and sometimes visits the memorial several times a day.

Although people have voluntary given him money for improvements, Goble says there are no fancy plaques or statues planned.

"I want it to be about my friends more than the memorial," said Goble.