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Drivers Caught Off Guard by Snowstorm

DONNER SUMMIT -- Some days the timing just isn't right. Life gives you rain when you're hoping for snow.

"I don't know when the storm is gonna come," said Liza Whitmore with Caltrans.

But if you just wait it out, you'll eventually land something. Right when you need it.

“It could come down very fast and very hard, and when that happens, our snow plows do their best to keep up," she said.

Just when we began to worry this winter storm was a dud, it finally started churning out snow, about 7 p.m. Thursday.

"It just started all at one time," Ulysses Garcia said.

By 7:10 p.m., Garcia had already lost control of his Mustang.

“I started like skidding a little bit, so I wanted to chain up. Wanted to move to the side but there was nowhere to stop, and that’s when I started spinning, and I hit the side rail,” Garcia said.

It didn't seem like it mid-spin, but he had pretty good timing.

"I hope I don't die," he said.

Ulysses was hoping for a miracle and he got one.

“Not that bad,” he said.

There were no other drivers around when he spun across those lanes.

But the snow just kept coming and so did the drivers.

"We hope everyone comes prepared for winter driving conditions," Whitmore said.

Before they end up with a busted bumper.