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‘Fighting Hate One Halal Taco at a Time:’ Local Muslims and Latinos Join Together to Promote Unity

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SACRAMENTO -- A unique movement has brought two different communities together.

Muslims and Latinos broke bread in Sacramento to promote love and unity in a time where people from both sides feel like targets.

"Taco Trucks at Every Mosque" made a stop at the Salam Islamic Center Friday night to serve halal tacos in an effort to encourage Muslims and Latinos to embrace their identities.

"Justice is not just about us,"  said Rita Hamida. "So, when we're fighting for justice we need to for all of our rights, especially our civil rights. We are fighting hate one halal taco at a time, tacos being the symbol of love and the symbol of service to our community."

The grassroots movement started three years ago to combat anti-Muslim and anti-Latino campaign rhetoric, according to founder Rida Hamida. Hundreds joined the movement Friday.

"We're loving it," said the movement's co-founder, Benjamin Vazquez. "Three-hundred plus people tonight are enjoying everybody's company."

The director of the Islamic center says they welcomed the taco truck to encourage people from other backgrounds to put differences aside and to get to know one another.