How a Government Shutdown Could Affect Local Programs

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SACRAMENTO -- Everything from meals, to the flu, even school field trips, could all change if the government shuts down Friday night.

Yolo County Meals on Wheels confirms to FOX40 it could lose money if there’s a shutdown. Already that charity has seen a 43 percent drop in funding in recent months.

County Health and Human Services departments could experience some big impacts. The CDC's influenza program will stop, during what’s already a bad flu season. In San Bernardino County in Southern California more than 10 people have already died from the flu this year.

FOX40 was also told that the Food and Drug Administration will stop the majority of its food safety activities, including inspections, compliance and enforcement, as well as lab work.

Dave Gordon, County Superintendent of Sacramento County schools, says Sly Park, a popular field trip location for Sacramento county kids, will remain open. The forest service owns the land, but Gordon says they assured him that following the 2013 uproar of shutting down Sly Park they have changed their policy and promise to remain open.

FOX40 was told there are several sixth grade trips planned at the park for this Monday.

The vote to keep the government running is supposed to start at 7 p.m. PST.

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