Thousands of Activists Expected to Attend 2018 Women’s March in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- The City of Sacramento has been getting ready to host at least 10,000 people for Saturday’s Women’s March.

In less than 24 hours, Adama Iwu will be speaking to thousands of people about how they can change the narrative surrounding sexual harassment in California politics.

“More than at any other time women are being believed, and because of that women are coming forward and they’re talking about things that have happened to us,” Iwu said.

Iwu is the keynote speaker for the Women’s March in Sacramento. This year the focus is to encourage more women to register to vote.

“Power to the polls," said Annie Adams, co-chair for the event. "We want to use our power as women to both support other women in elected office, educate women in order to have a pipeline of women to elected office.”

Marchers will begin to gather at Southside Park in Sacramento at 10 a.m.

Parking will be limited under the W and X streets overpass, so participants are encouraged to bike, walk, or take the light rail. People who do wish to park must download an app to pay and be sure to pay attention to parking signs to avoid a ticket.

“Riders can expect a lot of additional passengers on light rail tomorrow," said Wendy Williams of the Sacramento Regional Transit District. "Last year’s Women’s March we had an additional 5,000 passengers.”

The 1.5-mile march will lead people to the west capitol steps, where a rally will take place at noon.

“This is a really incredible day of fellowship," Iwu said. "I mean, there’s marches all around the world in solidarity. I mean, come out and be part of the movement.”