Woman Recalls Horrifying Moment Her Son was Hit by Stray Bullet

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STOCKTON -- With a positive attitude, 7-year-old Carlos Torres IV, or C4 as his family lovingly calls him, continues to recover from a gunshot wound.

"He has been such an amazing trooper over everything and great spirit," said his mother, Jordan Tascon.

Carlos was hit Sunday in Stockton while inside his home in an apparent drive-by shooting.

"I heard the gunshots and I heard breaking glass, and it was my son's face that really told me something was wrong," Tascon said.

Tascon saw the wound to her son's abdomen and that's when her Navy first aid training kicked in. She says she applied pressure, stabilized him and called 911, all while internally panicking about what had just happened.

"Those few minutes seemed like ages," she said. "You're praying that it's just a bad dream you're going to wake up from."

There was a lot for Tascon to stress about, but she smiled when she talked about her strong boy.

"I'm so proud of him and what he does," Tascon said.

Five days after a bullet ripped through Carlos' body and two surgeries later, Tascon said they're hopeful he'll make a full recovery. She said he's ready to get out of his hospital bed and go back to being a normal little boy.

"He's just that kid... you meet him and you just fall in love," Tascon said. "That's my C4."

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