Nearly 30,000 Activists Rally for Change at 2018 Sacramento Women’s March

SACRAMENTO -- While standing up for what they believe in, thousands packed the streets of downtown Sacramento to have their voices heard.

The 2018 Sacramento Women's March was filled with signs calling for everything from equality to impeachment, but, there was one underlying commonality -- everyone is hopeful for change.

What are you looking forward to when walking with everybody?

"Making more people think that girls should have respect," answered Veronica, a young girl who was in attedance.

Women’s rights, building off the #MeToo movement, was the calling card of the march.

"This whole thing means to me that this is a shared experience amongst so many people and we are coming out and we are being like, 'Yeah this needs to be over. We need to be respected. Just basic human decency, that’s all we are asking for,'" explained participant Madeline Dyer.

Thousands of marchers asked for more, from immigration reform to calls for voting, and it was not lost on the marchers that they were making their voices heard in the state’s capital.

"It’s supposed to be the place where the people have their voices heard and laws passed and resources allocated. So, doing something like that here I think is even more symbolic, to show that when people come together, they can not just express their views and everyone respects that, but do it in a way that is healthy and inclusive," marcher Luciano Ovideo said.

"I’m a born and bred California girl, so California is very important to me and I feel California is the leading edge of feminism and every movement that is for all people," marcher Connie Deroboam said.

Regardless of stance on issues, the reason to walk was for the future.

"I have two daughters that I am raising in this world and this world is not an easy place to raise girls at the moment," said march participant Jennifer. "I want to make sure they feel empowered and strong and have a voice. I want to make sure they know that they're powerful."

"I think it’s important to demonstrate that as parents and to show, through example, that we are all in this together and we are all here to support one another," said marcher Dutima Batra. "So, we are happy to be here and share it with our up-and-coming leaders."

The Sacramento Police Department estimates there were 25,000-30,000 people out marching Saturday.