Hometown Heroes Back in Town to Promote New Movie

SACRAMENTO -- Sunday's sermon at Shiloh Baptist Church was clear -- only God knew what would happen on that train.

"That he would take three unlikely characters from Sacramento, California, bring them all the way across the continents and have them on that train to do his work. Only God knew," Pastor Anthony R. Sadler said.

That faith is not lost on the hometown heroes Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone, who spent the morning being prayed over by attendees at the church.

"I'd say faith has everything to do with it because we were raised religious and you can't really watch the movie without picking up on that, and even on the train, there were so many things that came into play that it just couldn't be chance, there had to be God or something looking over us because there is no way that all happened by coincidence," Skarlatos said.

The trio kicked off the promotional tour for their movie "The 15:17 to Paris" with an advance screening last night in the place they say molded them.

"That was probably the most important one for all of us and the most special one. We just love Sacramento. We feel like Sacramento has shaped us not just as human beings. Not only are we products of our mothers and fathers, but we are products of Sacramento, as well," Stone said.

"Nobody loves us like Sacramento loves us. Just to be able to kick off this world tour, this crazy whirlwind that is going to be in Sacramento kind of gives us the confidence and energy to go and attack that," Anthony Sadler said.

They admit their lives have been a whirlwind since they thwarted the August 2015 terror attack, but they say being able to share the experience and tell their story through the upcoming movies makes it all worth it.

"We go way back and we've done a lot of crazy things. This is probably the craziest, but it's just another experience in our long history of friendship that hopefully goes on forever," Skarlatos said.

"It'd be really boring if we did it alone. It's way more fun to go through it as a group. Who wouldn't want to make a movie with their friends about themselves? Clint Eastwood is behind the camera," Anthony Sadler said.

"I think that makes it a lot more authentic in the movie. I hope that comes across," Skarlatos added.

"If there is one word I can describe the movie with, it's genuine," Stone said.

They say God knew what would happen on that train and soon everyone will be able to see it too.