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Impacts of Gov’t Shutdown Reach Northern California

SACRAMENTO -- It was business as usual at Sacramento International Airport's security checkpoint. Just like air traffic controllers, TSA's airport security is considered exempt in this government shutdown. But that agency tells FOX40 staffing levels are at 90 percent.

"He was a little unhappy, but no, the service was great," said Kent During of Lodi.

While flyers didn't notice a change in service, they could tell their TSA agents were not happy.

"I felt sorry for the gentleman in ... Seattle because he was working for no pay. At least at the time. And he's got bills to pay," During said.

Also unhappy are tourists heading to Alcatraz.

"We book a half day and half night trip and they called me last night and told me it was canceled," said Jamie Amann of Las Vegas.

The rock is open, but with no national park rangers, there are no night tours or behind-the-scenes tours. Stinson Beach and Muir Woods in Marin County are also closed.

"Yeah we had to cancel that portion and are hoping for a refund in a couple of weeks," said Tyler Jones of Oklahoma.

At Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, a spokesperson for the base says libraries and education centers have closed, with the commissary scheduled to close on Wednesday.

"The commissary is the food store for military folks, retirees and active duty. So you're going to force them to go out on the economy and buy their groceries on that when their pay is substandard compared to everybody else's," said James Thomas of Hollister.

Not everything will be closed at Travis Air Force Base -- the dining halls, lodging, emergency services and youth centers will remain open.

The federal courthouse in downtown Sacramento will be open Monday because the courts have separate funding.