Neighbors Demand More Concrete Anti-Hate Action from Turlock City Council

TURLOCK -- It's a fight they thought they had won by convincing the Turlock City Council to adopt an anti-hate resolution last fall.

Tuesday, four months later, anti-racist demonstrators returned to City Hall to demand some follow through on that commitment.

"It kind of dropped off their radar," Cathy Doo, from Be The Change Turlock, told FOX40.

Doo says city leaders and police still haven't done enough to prevent hundreds more white supremacist stickers from popping up all over town.

"We were taking stickers down and they'd go right back up," Doo said.

They say city council members were supposed to send copies of the anti-hate resolution to ever Turlock resident in their monthly utility bill.

"And guess what -- it's still not in my bill, the resolution you promised me," Shauna Ansely said.

What these neighbors want is an investigation into who is posting the stickers around Turlock.

Turlock Police Chief Nino Amirfar says a picture of the person, or people, would help their investigation but their punishment would likely be limited. A city ordinance prohibits defacing public property, but it's only a misdemeanor and the cost of removing stickers is virtually nothing.

Amirfar added that though the messages on the stickers are derogatory, they are protected under the First Amendment.

"I don't want to have to wait for a violent act to happen for our chief to act," Modesto-Stanislaus NAACP President Gladys Williams said. "We can do it as people."

Williams offered to hand deliver the anti-hate flyers to every business in Turlock to double down on the message that the majority of people in town are united against hate.