Sacramento County Officials Vote to Remove Pricing Cap from Sac International Airport Vendors

SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted  4-1 Tuesday to approve allowing Sacramento international airport to negotiate with its concession vendors regarding food and beverage pricing.

Prior to today’s board approval, the airport only allowed restaurants and vendors to charge “street pricing.”

Under this policy,  restaurants and vendors were allowed to charge up to 10 percent more for their food and drinks at the airport than they do at other locations outside of the airport.

While the public may enjoy a cap on how much airport restaurants can charge at Sac International relative to their overall pricing at other locations, concerns have risen regarding increased operational costs for vendors.

In a statement to FOX40 Director of Airports John Wheat wrote:

“We look forward to working with concessionaires to maintain the quality and selection of our award-winning food and beverage program at prices that are fair to our customers.”

Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna was the only ‘no’ vote in the matter.

Serna said his concern is that the new rule does not limit the amount a vendor can charge.

“To me it’s something that we have a responsibility to monitor and I just wasn’t comfortable with a policy that has no cap.”