Roseville Police Records Clerk Becomes U.S. Citizen

SACRAMENTO -- Thirteen hundred people became United States citizens Thursday at a naturalization ceremony.

Among them was Roseville Police Department records clerk Anke Gonzalez.

"It was a beautiful ceremony," she said. "Felt like a new person."

But at heart, she's still the same person. Anke is a loving wife and mother. She met her husband back home in Belgium and has been serving the citizens of Roseville for the last three years, all while raising two boys Kai and Kruse.

"I want them to understand that it's not just something that happens so I could tell they were impressed," she told FOX40.

Now she's looking forward, along with the 1,299 other new citizens, to what else she can do for this country.

"I can vote, little things like that. And believe it or not, I'm actually excited about doing jury duty at some point," she said with a laugh. "People will not believe me, but I probably don't know what I'm getting myself into."