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College Athletes Showcase Art at UC Davis Exhibit

DAVIS -- Athletes, especially the good ones, are often described as "artists" on the field of play, whether it's their ability to create during games or do something so unique it leaves us all speechless.

For several years now, student athletes at UC Davis have been highlighting their non-athletic talents as well.

"It's really awesome to see what student-athletes can do off the field, and it's really amazing to see there are so many other things they can do. That they're just not athletes, they are amazing artists and super creative," said Nica Taglieri, director of the Art of Athletes exhibit.

Taglieri is an athlete herself at UC Davis, a senior field hockey player for the Aggies. She has also served as the director of the annual Art of the Athletes exhibit the past two years.

Thursday, she began the task of setting up for the exhibit that opens Friday at the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center on campus.

"It's a lot of work," Taglieri said.

"They choose whatever they want, whatever medium. We have water colors, we have canvas with paint, we have photography, we have multi-media projects," she added.

And while the clock ticks on the opening of the exhibit, there is no time limit on how art, not sports, has brought these student athletes together.

"It's really awesome for us all to come together for something that is not so sports focused. We can have fun with it, and it's much more lighthearted and it's just a time where we can all soak up each others awesomeness besides being on the field," Taglieri said.

So instead of a field of dreams, it's more like a canvas of dreams.