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Modesto-Native Nate Sudfeld on His Way to the Super Bowl with Philadelphia Eagles

MODESTO -- He may be the hardest working football player you've never heard of, but the Philadelphia Eagles' backup quarterback, Modesto native Nate Sudfeld, is on his way to the Super Bowl.

"Just before he took the final knee, the whole crowd is yelling, 'Super Bowl! Super Bowl!'” said Michelle Sudfeld, Nate’s mom, as she reminisced about the NFC Championship game which propelled the Eagles to the big game.

Sudfeld played the last three plays in that game. Michelle says it was an exhilarating moment for the entire family.

"Then the announcer goes, 'And Nate Sudfeld takes a knee.' And the place, it just goes nuts,” said Michelle.

Now that Sudfeld and his team are Super Bowl bound, so are both parents Ralph and Michelle.

"The stage is not bigger than where Nate is at. He's calm, he's relaxed, he's ready to go,” said Ralph.

Nate hasn't had an easy road in the NFL so far. He was let go by the Washington Redskins at the beginning of this season. The Eagles picked him up for their practice team, but when other teams showed interest in signing Sudfeld, the organization moved him up to their game roster.

If Quarterback Nick Foles gets injured, Sudfeld is potentially one play away from playing in the Super Bowl.

"It's tough not to get emotional. I mean he's living every kid's dream right now,” said Mike Parsons, head coach for the Modesto Christian football team. He says even as a high school sophomore, it was clear Sudfeld had big potential.

"Just thinking about it, seeing him that day is going to be an awesome deal,” said Parsons.

Sudfeld had a significant impact at Modesto Christian High School, where they honored him Friday morning. He played football there, along with his brother Zach, who also had a short stint in the NFL as a tight end.

In college, he led Indiana University as quarterback where he broke multiple school records.

His parents say it’s off the field, however, where Sudfeld is a star.

"Working in the developing world, it gives you a perspective. He went on his first trip when he was 13,"Michelle said.

Sudfeld has taken multiple trips overseas to developing countries through Assist International, a non-profit humanitarian organization founded by his grandfather, which helps orphaned and impoverished children.

His father says the experience has given Sudfeld a reason to push harder.

"You do things with purpose and you do things with a frame of reference that says, you know what, we have incredible opportunities. I'm going to make the best of it,” said Ralph.

So far, the 24-year-old Modesto product has done just that -- and it’s taken him to the biggest stage football has to offer.

"His agent looked at me after the NFC championship and he goes, 'There are only four quarterbacks suiting up for the Super Bowl and your son is one of them.' It kind of hits you right then. It's like, wow,” said Michelle.