Local Entertainers Gather to Treat Stockton Homeless to Food, Clothing and Fun

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STOCKTON -- A group gathered together Saturday at Columbus Park in Stockton to help the homeless in the area.

The event, called "A Meal and a Show," was put on by local entertainers in Stockton to allow those who are going through a tough time to get some clothes and food and to have a good time.

For J Cat Da Savage, giving back to the homeless in Stockton is his main mission.

"It means a lot. It puts a smile on my face to see people receive," J Cat Da Savage said. "Seeing the smile on their face, seeing them happy, seeing them get something in return and not have that feeling of being brought down. I don’t know, seeing them uplifted is a gift to me."

That uplifting feeling was shared by everyone at Columbus Park as members of the homeless community were treated to a meal and a show.

"It means a lot for locals and other people out here. Some of us don’t have anything and some of us do, but it gives us hope to move forward," explained Deshawn Moore.

"It’s, like, giving us strength to keep going," said Anthony Dean Sr. "I don’t know how to say it. Like a higher power, like Jesus has not forgotten us and he’s looking for us and helping us."

Attendees could sift through donated clothing, sing and dance to entertainment from local artists, get a makeover and grab a bite to eat.

J Cat Da Savage knows how impactful these events can be because he used to be in their shoes.

"It’s basically the decent human being thing to do," J Cat Da Savage explained. "Whether their life choices have brought them into something or somebody else’s life choices have brought them down, either way they are still human beings and should be treated as such."

For Christopher Walker and his friend Anthony Dean Sr., it was a moment to celebrate during a difficult time in their lives.

"For me personally, I’m blessed and I hope my son sees this. It gives me courage to go on no matter how life sucks or how hard it is. It keeps my head up," Walker said.

With heads held high and spirits up, many were looking forward to a better tomorrow.

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