Manteca Family Heartbroken After Boat Stolen from Driveway

MANTECA -- "It was built from the ground up, it was literally just the body when my dad, Rob and Fred, his two best friends, got it."

Some of Brandi Rader's favorite childhood memories are tied to the fuchsia-colored boat her dad helped build.

"I think that's when I first got up in single skis," she said.

Summertime moments on the water she's now afraid her son won't get.

"My son is very upset -- he was really looking forward to water skiing again," she said.

While Rader and her fiance, Victor Fernandes, remember the good times, what they can't recall is the moment the family boat was taken from their driveway.

"Got some dead bolt pliers and just popped it, hooked it up to what I have to assume would have to be some type of truck or SUV," Fernandes said.

After being in the family since the mid '90s, the boat was taken from the family's driveway late Friday night or early Saturday morning in just minutes, by some apparently quiet thieves.

"So I opened up the gate and that's when I realized something wasn't here," Fernandes said.

Home and asleep at the time they believe the boat was stolen, Fernandes and Rader said they didn't hear a thing except a few dog barks.

"The boat is gone, the boat is gone and everyone is freaking out," Rader said.

Fernandes said he's been a burglary victim before on Aspen Drive in Manteca, but this hits directly in the heart.

"Right now we are just distraught, we had sentimental value taken from us," he said.

Rader said she was just given the boat by her father a year ago. To her it's a family heirloom with an engine and a pretty color that cannot be replaced.

"I'm definitely not look my forward to summer, because that's when it's going to be even more relevant than it is now," she said.

The hard part is that unlike a car somebody won't just be driving this recognizable boat around, but if you happen to see it or know anything you're asked to contact the Manteca Police Department.