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Mother Desperate to Find Answers After Son Left for Dead Following Hit-and-Run

ANTELOPE -- An Antelope mother is desperate for answers after a car hit her son and took off.

The crash happened Jan. 17 on Woodhawk Way near Antelope Road. And so far, police have no suspect information.

“He was coming from this direction and was going to cross Antelope to go around to Antelope High School,” said Teri Rene.

Rene says her 16-year-old son, Scott Lambert, was hit by a car while he was walking to school.

“Now either a vehicle came this way or probably came this way and struck him,” she said.

The impact was so hard, Scott doesn't remember a thing.

“The trauma surgeon said he was amnestied to impact. Which means he doesn’t remember who hit him," she said.

Rene says what's worse than the initial crash is what happened afterward.

“He woke up here on the pavement and he was lying here and was waving for anybody to stop,” she said.

But despite the dozens of commuters passing by Antelope High School around 7 a.m., no one stopped to help.

“You know when I brought him home he cried all the way home, and it broke my heart. Because he couldn’t figure out why no one would stop,” Rene said.

Scott eventually called 911 himself, having to put pressure on his own head to stop the bleeding.

“Why would no one stop to help a kid bleeding to death in the road?” she said.

Now Rene is putting up posters and knocking on doors, hoping someone in the neighborhood and give some type of description of the car that hit Scott.

“Anybody who knows something, please come forward. He deserves justice,” she said.

The CHP is investigating the hit and run.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for medical expenses.