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Suspected Drunken Driver Slams into Stockton Home

STOCKTON -- It was a scary scene for a Stockton family whose home was slammed into by an alleged drunken driver on Sunday morning.

As the car that did the damage was being towed away, Max Beas was still in shock at what destroyed his living room.

"It's amazing what, in that little time frame, me leaving my house, I didn't even finish my cup of coffee, this happened," Beas said.

Beas had just stopped at his mother's house down the street to pick up his kids after they had slept over and rushed home minutes later when he heard his home had been hit.

"If I would have been coming back with my kids walking, and this would have happened? I can't even think, hitting us," he said.

Christian Gonzalez-Reyes lives next door and saw the whole thing unfold. He says a green car swerved down the street, blew past a speed bump and hit two cars -- one on the street and one parked in Beas' driveway.

"She managed to get here, slam into the house. I could see it, you could hear it, the whole neighborhood heard the boom and I got up from what I was doing and that's when I started recording," Gonzalez-Reyes said.

Videos from the neighbors show the green car attempt to back out before the two women decided to get out of the car and walk down the street. Neighbors followed the women, who they say were intoxicated and said they had just come from a party.

"I ran over there and I said, 'You guys ran into my house?' They said 'I'm so sorry, please don't call police," Beas said.

Police arrested the two women as neighbors helped move cars back to where they had been, with tire tracks and broken glass remaining remnants of the incident.

"That's where I watch TV. That's another thing I was thinking -- what if I was watching the game and all of a sudden I have a car behind me pushing me forward. I don't know what would have happened. Thank God it didn't happen. I just can't even imagine. In the end, all these are materialistic things. It doesn't matter. We are safe. My kids more than anything are safe and that's all I can, thank God," Beas said.